We are focused on providing comprehensive legal services to seafarers and achieving the best settlements and outcomes. We can advise you working on any ship and even if you are not a Vincentian national.

Our focus areas for Seafarers include:

  • Employment-related advice and representation Services
  • Ship Arrest for a maritime claim (unpaid wages)
  • Dispute Resolution (mediation)
  • Debt Collection Enforcement

Employment Services

We have substantial experience in handling the employment matters for seafarers including the following claims:

  • For unpaid wages/salary or severance pay;
  • Entitled holiday pay;
  • Crew action against the vessel in rem;
  • For the groundless detention of a seafarer aboard ship; and
  • For groundlessly charging the costs of the return journey to SVG or homeland to the seafarer.

For seafarer claims, we provide the full range of legal advice connected with Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and employment aboard ships. This is understood both in the context of doing wage labour aboard a ship as well as that of the provision of services by a seafarer operating as a sub-contractor.

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Ship Arrest in SVG

Temple Stoke helps you deal with all aspects of ship arrest in SVG. For seafarers, the seafarer maritime lien is an internationally and municipally recognized lien that arises when you render services on board the ship.

The wages lien can even exist outside of a contract and we can assist you in getting it registered and enforced. When it is enforced, the lien can force the ship to be sold. It ranks higher than ship mortgages so you can get your wages before the bank gets their money if there is a mortgage.

Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

We offer mediation services. Mediation is a voluntary process of resolving disputes and it is a far cheaper alternative to litigation. We have experience in resolving disputes and feel free to contact us for any enquires and a quote.

Debt Collection Enforcement

We can also help you recover debts. When you get a settlement or a court order for money it can sometimes be very difficult to get the Ship or crew company to pay you. We can help you to recover your debt through numerous court methods.

Other services

Other services for seafarers include:

  • All inquiries regarding maritime taxes;
  • Liasion with tax tribunals and pensions authorities in SVG;
  • Advice and representation in personal injury & compensation cases;
  • Appearing as the legal agent of seafarers in employment disputes with shipowners;
  • Representation in family cases that seafarers or immediate families are parties to.
  • Representation in criminal matters.

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