Company Formation: Setting up a company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG)

We provide company formation services.

If you wish to incorporate a Company in SVG, we can assist you with company formation/ incorporation with high quality, fast and competitive service.

We can also handle the opening of a bank account so that you can start and go about your business immediately and effectively.

For LLC incorporation, this is handled by our partners and Temple Stoke would offer Nominee Manager Services dependent on the nature of the business of the company. LLCs are incorporated at the Financial Services Authority in SVG (FSA).

For local companies, we go directly to CIPO SVG on the island and make sure your company is registered in accordance with the law.

Time Limits 

Provided we receive all documentation necessary for the incorporation of the LLC and the payment, the LLC will be incorporated within 48 hours.

Local companies take 3-7 business days.

Extract from foreign registries

When you need to get information about the financial status of your business partners who are registered in SVG, an extract from the International Business Register of St Vincent and the Grenadines is an indispensable tool. With our help, you can minimize the risks associated with the possible insolvency of your partners and identify fraudsters in a timely manner.

We also offer notarization, apostille services so your extract can be ready for use and also be couriered to you via DHL, Fed Ex or other international courier services.

Nominee Director Services in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG)

For interested parties, if you are looking for a local nominee manager or directorship or nominee shareholder services, Temple Stoke offers  experienced nominee managers/ directors/ Shareholders and can provide this service quickly and professionally.

As part of the nominee services all nominees provide KYC Documents and we require an indemnity agreement to be signed.

Provision of the nominee director service is beneficial to our international clients for a number of reasons including that:

  • You can establish a firm in SVG without having to sign contracts and agreements yourself legally.
  • You can run your business entity by using the general power of attorney (which we also provide).

Why do people use a nominee director service to register a company?

A nominee manager/director is useful for a variety of reasons when registering a limited liability company and Temple Stoke lawyers and partners have years of experience.  When registering an International Business entity in SVG or in conjunction with ship registration, the experienced lawyers at Temple Stoke will always give you advice about the best possible route to incorporation.

The anonymity of the true owner is preserved when appointing a nominee director of a company limited by shares and this secrecy is entirely legitimate.

All registered companies appear on the official register at CIPO SVG  or for LLCs the FSA register along with the associated named directors. If you do not wish to appear on this database for reasons of confidentiality or as part of a business strategy or sensitivities, a nominee director can be appointed to be the official public representative or face of the limited company.

In reality, you will still be the individual person in full control of the business – this is maintained with the use of a power of attorney or similar facility.

Note: in the event, the arrangement is no longer tenable and you wish to terminate your nominee director, a pre-written letter of resignation can be kept on file that can essentially be triggered at any given time.

Jurisdictions Without
Saint Vincent
$850 $ 850 + nominee fee*  500 $

*As fees become due in December for the following year, Price is dependent on the time of the year you wish to incorporate.

Nominee Fees are entirely negotiable and are also dependent on the nature of the business. e.g. Forex Trading, online business companies are likely to be at a lower rate than shipping companies.


Forex trading companies that wish to know the validity of activities in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines regarding Cryptocurrency, Spot Trading and Cryptocurrency derivative trading, virtual currencies and money transmissions may contact us for a legal opinion.

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