Opening your LLC is one step, to maximise your company’s potential you will need to open a corporate account.

When we help you open an account for your LLC, you do not need to visit the island (dependent on which option you choose) in person.

The minimum deposit amount for opening an account is as follows:

These account requires a minimum deposit of USD 5,000 to open an account;

The minimum account balance amount:

The minimum initial account balance must be about USD 5,000.

Our service fees range from 1500-3500USD per account inclusive of assistance filling out US FACTA forms.

For efficient processing, it is important for to know:

  • business activities in detail;
  • Is there a website?
  • A physical location and staff?
  • Who are the major clientele?
  • What will be the nature of the incoming and outgoing transactions?

All submitted documents can be certified by us or one of our notaries.

These accounts offer deposit accounts in up to 15 currencies, which allows to avoid converting the account balance into the main currency of the account once the account is credited.


Please note that we are now required to obtain the relevant documentation to fulfill our requirements in relation to the US’s FATCA regime. Kindly note that all new accounts need to submit the relevant form. The links to the US IRS W Series form are as follows:




You are also required to complete the relevant Common Reporting Standard (CRS) forms.  Please contact us for assistance on this

Please note that our minimum account requirement is USD5,000 or currency equivalent.  We offer multi-currency accounts in: USD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, AUD, AED, HKD, JPY, NZD, NOK, ZAR, SEK and THB.  It is not a requirement to visit the Bank in person to establish an account, all documentation can be scanned and emailed to us for processing.  Once approval has been granted, the original documents must be couriered to the Bank within two (2) weeks directly or through our office.

Please note that we are unable to facilitate accounts for entities involved in:

  • adult entertainment
  • gaming and gambling
  • sanctioned entities and countries